.033 DIA.             .045 DIA.             062 DIA.               094 DIA.           .125 DIA.               .1875 DIA.



.25 DIA.              20 MESH          30 MESH                   40 MESH            50 MESH               60 MESH  


                            80 MESH         100 MESH              150 MESH            200 MESH          *300 MESH  




The Filter is the heart of the strainer. The media flows into the open end of the filter element and is strained as it passes through the element toward the outlet.All particles larger than the filter element opening are trapped inside. Filters are provided in perforated metal or wire mesh, depending on strainer size and/ or material being strained. Only the best materials of the proper gauge to suit the service are used.All seams are spot welded for maximum strength. Double or reinforced filter elements arespot welded on the end peripheries as well as the seams. Reinforced elements consists of a perforated sheet lined with wire mesh. Screens are designed to provide maximum total screen area 



Stainless steel elements are standard in all strainers except for bronze strainers; these strainers are supplied with brass screens. Others screen materials are available upon request. In Stainless steel, the smallest perforation obtainable is generally twice the thickness of the metal itself. Therefore, perforations from .033 through .250, dependent on metal thickness, are readily available. When extra fine straining is required of the larger strainers, reinforced screens consisting of a perforated sheet lined with wire mesh are recommended. This allows removal of fine particles with added durability.